Always Accessible And Reusable Literature Data for Faster, Smarter Reviews.

Standardize the way you collect, share, update, and reuse evidence-based research data in your organization. CuratorCR, an add-on module for  DistillerSR, is a knowledge center that centrally manages existing research data and dynamically enables its reuse across your organization. In short, analyze your data once; reuse it as much as you want.


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Stop Literature Review Insanity with CuratorCR

Doing the same literature review over and over again in different research or product groups by different reviewers is costly, inefficient, and likely creates poor-quality data. Integrated seamlessly with DistillerSR, CuratorCR improves research productivity by instantly identifying anyone in your organization who has reviewed a reference and whether its full text has been procured, significantly reducing reference subscription costs and duplicate analysis.


Screen References Faster 

Reduce Subscription Costs

Accelerate Data Extraction

Re-use previously collected data to reduce research time and improve reviewer productivity.


Access shared references from different review projects to lower annual publication subscription costs.

Dynamically populate forms and tables from previously collected data from your colleagues.


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CuratorCR Demo on Data Reuse

Learn how you can centrally manage your evidence-based research data with CuratorCR in this demo by Product Manager, Mike Gilbert.


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Best Practices for Data Reuse

Mike Gilbert, Product Manager for CuratorCR walks us through some best practices for data reuse in Literature Reviews.


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Business Brief

Geistlich Pharma Anticipates a 50% Reduction in Literature Review Work for Legacy Products. 



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Getting Started with DistillerSR

We take a holistic approach to making you successful. From configuring your first project to advising on a complex research protocol, to training your team and answering support questions, we are here to ensure you are successful from day one. So what do our customers think about our approach? They have given us a 98.7% customer satisfaction rating.


DistillerSR made our process faster, it made us more confident in our accuracy, and it made our quality control simpler. There would be a mutiny on our team if we decided to use something else

Kimberly Ruiz, Associate Director – Xcenda

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